Shooting Simulator Basics

Safer Way to Shoot

 Utilizing a shooting simulator is a very safe way to train shooters of all skill levels. Like it or not, shooting is a sport that is intimidating (especially to new participants). A firearm simulator offers you an extremely safe, fun and non-threatening environment to learn about firearms and the sport of shooting/hunting. Available on our VR shooting system are a variety of weapons, and options to increase realism and proficiency of gun simulator training. For new shooters this provides a comfortable and practical way to introduce them to the sport without the anxiety of shooting an actual weapon the first time.The firearm simulator is designed to easily integrate into your current golf simulator. You utilize your existing computer, projector, golf simulator screen and golf cage. Spectrum Golf has designed a mounting bracket and mount for the high speed camera that can be used with any of our golf simulator cages. The camera for the firearm simulator is a simple usb cable. No additional light or components are needed to convert your golf simulator into a hunting simulator.The beauty of the VR shooting simulator is the wide variety of shooting games and VR hunting games. With a hunting simulator, you can shoot deer, ducks, wild boar and even piranhas. If hunting games is not your thing, then you can do other shooting games like blasting zombies, shooting terrorists and even disarming bad guys with hostages. For added practice on your shooting simulator, you can shoot fixed targets or moving targets. Compete with your friends in a shooting match with 2 guns.  The amount of shooting and hunting entertainment is endless with your VR gun simulator.      All of these different firearm and shooting  options can be used on the gun simulator in conjunction with providing the appropriate software and scenarios for the shooters ability. For example, a new shooter would start off with a simple and safe simulated target using the replica pistol. More advanced shooters, would be introduced to VR shooting game scenarios where they need to move to cover, draw their weapon and return fire in a live action simulated environment. The options are endless and much safer and practical than setting up live round courses or scenario based shooting ranges. 

Alternative to Pricey Ammo

 Shooting is an expensive sport and the rising price and scarcity of ammunition are making it difficult for new enthusiasts to discover its benefits. Shooting simulators provide a much needed element to any shooters arsenal. Hunters and Shooters are always looking for ways to save money while still getting the services and experiences for which they are accustomed to . Providing an shooting game option which saves money, enables advanced training and is fun will improve your ability as a shooter.  Shooting on a firearm simulator is basically free and can be done anytime. Shooting Simulators are cost effective solutions for Shooters that are trying to save money on ammo or who do not live close to a shooting range. Hunters will appreciate the ability to practice skills without enduring the high cost of ammo. Some companies make laser  inserts that can turn any gun into a gun simulator gun, safe and effectively. 

Safe Training

 Extreme flexibility, simple setup and small footprint of shooting simulators allow for training which is nearly impossible on a traditional firing line or in a classroom. Your hunting simulator room is only limited by your imagination. Gun simulators can be setup up in areas as small as 8 x 8. Email us your room dimensions and we will provide a complete layout showing the optimum design of your shooting simulator. 

FireARM Simulator

Trigger Time = Better Shooting

 How do you become a better marksman? You shoot! Adding a shooting simulator with a wide variety of shooting games is a safe and exciting way to perfect your shooting skills . Due to the ability of adding a VR shooting simulator to your existing golf simulator, you eliminate the need for all that extra space needed to add a shooting simulator. By just adding some software and a  USB camera, you can add the excitement of a gun simulator without the added expense of a complete setup.  The best way to learn is by practicing, and these VR shooting systems provide challenging scenarios for advanced shooters as well as beginners in a true virtual shooting range.With a VR shooting simulator, you will have the opportunity to shoot and practice regardless of weather, and in real life shooting game  scenarios that provide a level of realism that will be entertaining as well as educational.